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The Nerdy Men's Bomber Jacket

There is truly a potpourri of men's jackets to choose from. A man could choose jackets such as the safari design, the cotton jacket, the utility version, and the leather design of jacket to name a few. Perhaps one of the most popular jacket designs, however, would be the Men's Bomber (or Flight) jacket type of coat. These types of jackets have had a long and rich history, beginning with the soldiers in flight during World War I. In 1915, many of the planes at that time had what is called an open cockpit, meaning that the pilots were exposed to the air and to the elements. The men were distributed heavy duty flight jackets of leather, and thus the Men's Bomber jacket was born.

Although they have been producing Men's Bomber Jackets for almost a century, they still remain popular today. They begin being mass produced in 1926, and they have underwent several modifications since their early incarnation. Bomber jackets were first marketed as the A-2 and was even more popula…

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